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Why ship with us?

Why Ship With Us?

PackageHopper is powered by MyUS, the leader in global e-commerce shipping since 1997. We’ve given millions of customers around the world access to reliable, affordable shipping and top-notch customer care.

  • Our partnerships give you the best international shipping rates around. Sending a package to friends or family across the globe? PackageHopper's low international rates make it easy to ship everything they love from the USA!

  • We make cross-country shipping easy! Need a college care package delivered across the state? PackageHopper is here for you with fast, affordable domestic shipping from any USPS drop-off location.

We Work With the Best

Thanks to our long-term partnerships, MyUS PackageHopper offers the best rates and a variety of fast, reliable shipping options. If you need to send a package to friends or family in a rush, then expedited 1-3 business day shipping options are here for you. If time is less of a priority and saving money is more your goal, then we find you discounted rates with premium couriers. That means you’ll still get a great service, you just pay less!

We work with the best