PackageHopper: How to Get Started

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PackageHopper is here to help you ship packages internationally from your local drop-off location to over 210 countries around the world. Missing your family after moving away? Expanding your small business overseas? Traveling to the US and leaving with a lot of souvenirs? Have a pen pal you want to send a gift to? PackageHopper makes your recipient only a HOP away!

Shipping your package is easy, just follow the simple steps:

  1. Pack your shipment carefully
  2. Log into your PackageHopper account to prepare your package

  3. Pay for shipping with TruePrice™ Guaranteed Pricing

  4. Follow the instructions provided with your order to print labels and customs forms

  5. Drop off your package with the carrier option chosen

That's it! With PackageHopper you'll be able to send care packages to friends and family across the ocean—or even send all the cool stuff you bought while touring the US straight home to avoid overpacking.

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