About Us

PackageHopper was created by MyUS.com to give customers easy, convenient and affordable access to international shipping from the USA. Whether you’re shipping to Australia, Japan, India, or many other locations around the world, PackageHopper makes it simple.

Backed by the Best

PackageHopper is powered by MyUS, the leader in cross-border e-commerce shipping. Since 1997, MyUS has shipped millions of packages from the US to happy customers around the globe. And thanks to our long-term carrier partnerships, we can offer the best international rates and a wide variety of shipping options.

Your shipment is also backed by the expertise of the PackageHopper export compliance team. We give you clear direction on what you can and cannot ship, as well as all export paperwork, so your package can make it safely to its destination without customs or other delays.

With low shipping rates and the support of our experienced team, you can trust PackageHopper to deliver!

Questions? Visit our FAQ page to get all the information you need to send your package on its way!