5 Tips on How PackageHopper Can Help Your Small Business

Are you a small business looking for ways to branch out into the world and sell your products internationally? PackageHopper can help you with your vision! With our experience in eCommerce shipping as MyUS since 1997, we are able to make the process simple for you and offer fast and reliable shipping services at the best rates, for shipping from the US to anywhere in the world.

If you have great products ready to meet their new owners in Italy, Australia, Chile, Russia, Morocco, Albania, or any of the other 210+ countries we serve, you will need an experienced shipping service so the process is easy for you. We’ll help you put a smile on their face as new international customers flock to your brand.

Let us walk you through the five main stages our service can help with your small business:

1. A Trustworthy Ally for Continuous Collaboration

We’re a service powered by MyUS and have been in this business since 1997. We know the industry well and have experience with shipping. Our partnerships allow us to offer the best rates in the industry.

MyUS was originally founded to help expatriates in receive US catalogs and mail overseas. This simple idea flourished and quickly grew into a pioneering global company that opened US retail channels to international shoppers. Now, with PackageHopper we offer convenient and affordable access to international shipping from the USA.

Having a reliable and trustworthy shipping method is of utmost importance for customer satisfaction. Once you establish your goals you will eliminate any frustrations that might emerge from the start.

Imagine that you are a small company that’s excelled in making custom design cowboy hats. Your make high-quality products, follow useful marketing strategies, and became popular with your cowboy hats all around the US.

Why stop there?

You want to have happy customers all around the world. You promote your products on social media and your website, and in a short time, you have interested customers or retailers in other countries who’d love to buy your hats. If you aim to set a good delivery standard for regular shipments, it’s important to think ahead. This is where PackageHopper comes into play with our experience in the field. Customer satisfaction is very important for us, and we want you to have a guaranteed success. If your dream is big, let us contribute and help you make it come true.

2. Affordable Shipping Rates

Say a retailer in Germany loved your product and wants to purchase an order of 50 cowboy hats. You have a deal and it’s time for packing and shipping your hats. At this stage you probably wonder how much would it cost to ship 50 custom-designed hats, right? Well, let’s find out by starting a price estimate on our Shipping Rates page!

You’ll pick the option that works for your priorities; describe what’s in the box by listing every item, its value, where it was made, and the quantity; print your shipping label; and drop your package off at the nearest drop-off point (depending on your choice of shipping method). PackageHopper will take care of the rest!

3. The Sky’s the Limit—We Ship 210+ Countries

Our primary mission when we started with MyUS was to reach out to the world and allow as many people as possible to shop their favorite US brands. Now with PackageHopper we turn the other way round and want small US brands to have a satisfactory shipping experience and reach out to the world. Our members have the flexibility to choose their preferred shipper and method or select the least expensive option. Even if you don’t exactly know where your destination country is located, we can assure you that your package will enjoy arriving there.

4. Package Tracking

Another service that we offer is transparency while your box is being delivered. You can track your package and see where it is at any given time. By sharing the tracking number with your customers, you can let them know exactly when to expect their delivery or if there are any unforeseen issues or delays.

Check out this post for everything you need to know about tracking your package.

5. PackageHopper Protect

We value your products and understand the time and effort you put into making everything perfect.

To ensure you that your products are in good hands, we also offer PackageHopper Protect, which covers your package if it is lost or stolen, up to the time of delivery. The cost is $4.99 per $100 of merchandise value, with a maximum value of $500.

In our example scenario, this would be a great way to protect the fragile brims of our hand-made cowboy hats. You can ship assured that your hats are in good hands with PackageHopper.

We hope this has been extremely helpful for you and now you’re super confident in pushing your brand worldwide! Hopefully, we’ve answered any questions you might have had about our services. Let PackageHopper make this usually complicated and confusing process trouble-free for your business.


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