Brilliant Bridesmaids Proposal Box Ideas

Certainly, the bridal party is a very important part of your wedding. The girl gang has been with you through so much, and now you want them to be a part of the happiest day of your life, too. So, don’t let an ocean keep them from being part of your special day—let PackageHopper help!

There are endless proposal box options that can either be bought or made from scratch, and in this article, we’ve got some brilliant ideas that ship well for when you pop the question.

Go All Out

White, black and pink personalized bridal party gift box with Rose, tumbler, confetti, and floral designs

Bridesmaids get asked to fulfill that role because they’ve been great friends to you, so it goes without saying that they deserve the best proposal boxes filled with incredible items.

Choose a classy box and consider adding the following inside: a champagne or wine glass and a small champagne or wine bottle that goes with the glass, a lip balm or lipstick in their favorite flavor or shade (or a color that matches the wedding theme), cool sunglasses in a personalized case, some fine chocolate, and a card asking the bridesmaid the most important question.

If you’re shipping anything that can break, be sure to pad your shipping box with packing peanuts, packing paper, or tons of bubble wrap! The international flight may be hard on your package.

Diamonds and Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

Starring You Jewelry single pearl bridesmaid necklace gift box

Spoil your bridesmaids with an elite gift box that they’ll never forget. A simple box with an invitation card, diamond or pearl earrings, or a necklace pendant makes their eyes sparkle with joy. They depict softness and beauty in simplicity, and your bridesmaids will be delighted to wear your precious gift on your wedding day.

A Touch of Softness and Comfort

Dream Chasers customizable black bridesmaids proposal box with robe, towel, necklace and drink

Another gift box to spoil your bridesmaids with can be something like this Pink ModParty Box that appears soft and sensual, and has some much-needed gifts inside. This specific box set contains a mini card for your special proposal, a heart matchbox, a scented candle tin, a lip balm with a heart pattern, a compact mirror with the bridesmaid’s name on it, a shatterproof flute (very important for international delivery!), and a sticker that can be personalized. You can throw in a small bottle or a pretty flower to complete this gorgeous set.

Help Them Relax Before Traveling

Proposal bridal party gift with bath salts, soap, candle, lip balm and rose décor

Getting a good rest before the big day is a must, and you can help your future bridesmaids relax and get ready to hop on that long international flight for your wedding with a proposal gift box that will make them feel like they’re floating on air (or an airplane).

This box can be filled with a cute mini shower gel and shampoo with hints of vanilla, coconut, coffee, tropical fruits, lavender, and sandalwood, to name a few. Add a sheet facemask or two, a sleep mask, a bottle with essential oils, bath salts, a good old-fashioned bar soap and a heel mask or socks that they’ll definitely need for after the wedding. Another option is to include a spa-day gift card for everyone so you can all relax before or after the wedding.

There are plenty of products to choose from for this proposal box and any woman will be happy to receive such a gift.

Ship Coziness

Customizable black bridesmaids proposal box with robe, towel, necklace and drink

Silky pajamas or robes with the bridesmaids’ names or initials are truly a dreamy gift, literally and figuratively. Nothing beats the feeling of slipping into something comfortable after a long day, and your bridesmaids will forever be thankful for this thoughtful gift. Add a sleep mask and/or a little perfume bottle for maximum enjoyment.

Scarfs and towels also make for great gifts in this category.

Makeup Set So They're Always Ready

Simple cardboard gift box with makeup essentials

If they’ll be traveling and plan to stay a while and check out the US, a great option is a beauty box! They can try all the latest beauty brands and exclusives so they’ll know what to stock up on when they come for your big day!

The greatest thing about this gift box is that it is totally customizable and can be different for every bridesmaid. Pick a pretty box and have the bridesmaid’s name engraved on it and then fill it with makeup that you know the bridesmaid will love. There’s no need to add a lot of items, just make sure you include the essentials: a lipstick, some blush, maybe a face serum, eyebrow gel, and mascara or eyelashes. Knowing the bridesmaids, it should be easy to choose the colors that suit them and that they like to wear, so this gift box will absolutely leave an impression and let them know just how important they are.


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