Send a Care Package to a Student Abroad

Receiving treats from home when studying abroad is one of the best feelings for a student. It is a caring gesture that students love and can help keep them motivated during the harsh exams season. Send them something familiar from home and it will make them more at ease during a period of adaptation to new surroundings and a new life overall.

The following are some of the best care packages you can ship to a college student, and we offer to do the shipping part for you at affordable costs.

An Exam Care Package

The period around and during exams can be extremely stressful, so it is very important for the student to eat balanced, healthy food and get as much sleep as they can. As a parent, relative or friend who cares, you might want to make sure they get the aforementioned for a much-needed Brain Boost.

A well-put exam care package will have energy and protein bars for when they don’t have time (or energy) to get to a cafeteria or lunch spot. Also include supplements to boost their depleted vitamin C, magnesium, and other vital nutrients supplies. 

We love adding in foods and treats they just miss from home. Things like instant noodles, their favorite dark chocolate bars (great for brain function and antioxidants), pretzel snacks, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Poptarts, sugary ice cream cones, and more! 

You can also include some healthy lifestyle-focused items like make-up wipes, hand sanitizer, Puffs tissues for their study-stress and post-exam tears, cooling undereye masks, or a stress ball. 

Dorm Essentials to Make Them Feel at Home

Dorm rooms already have the essential items that a student needs to go about their day, but since they’re going to be spending a lot of time there, it’s nice to have things that make the room feel a little more like home.

In that case, kitchenware and bedding are a must. Having their own kitchen and dinnerware will make sure they don’t need to borrow others’ cups and pans—they have their own things in this space. This also enables them to cook and not starve while on their own! Never leave out the idea of quality bed sheets. Having a good night’s rest is pertinent if they are to be ready to tackle the day in a new country! For maximum comfort, we recommend adding a pair of slippers. 

These items are easy to ship—especially with PackageHopper to help mitigate the stress and confusion—and will be of use for long after they graduate too. 

We love the idea of adding a small task lamp or string lights that not only look very cool but can also be used as lighting for late-night studying in bed. 

And of course, don’t forget to include a framed family photo!

School Supplies Care Package

School supplies can be unexpectedly expensive, and it would mean the world to a student if you would send them some of the things they need to adjust to studying elsewhere.

These are just a few items you can include in a care package: A4 and A5 notebooks, an organizer, a set of pencils and a sharpener, a handful of pens (make sure to include red and black too), a calculator and rulers, a couple of color markers, a few bookmarks, etc. Of course, you can be more specific in accordance with the degree they’re pursuing, and you can always include other essential items like food, personal care, and clothing too.

New Clothes for the Season

Now that clothing was mentioned, a care package with new clothes is one of students’ favorite packages to receive. With seasons and trends changing rapidly, a student must be prepared to meet them in style. This can be done either as a surprise or in collaboration with your student so they can pick exactly the items and trends they want.

A great idea is to shop and ship over quality American-made basics like cotton t-shirts, sturdy denim jeans, and maybe even extra pairs of comfy underwear they like. There may be fashion items that are harder (or more expensive) to come by overseas. And being able to have outfits for the changing seasons is important too!

Personal Care Package

Hygiene and personal care are of utmost importance for our physical and mental wellbeing, so it goes without saying that this care package is an absolute must for every student. 

There are pre-curated kits that you can buy online if you want to go that route. But if you’re close with your student, we recommend personalizing this experience and choosing things you know they’ll love! 

A quality personal care package can include necessities like a shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush and soap. But you can also throw in more self-care items like face and under-eye masks, makeup remover wipes, razors, sanitary pads, aftershave, deodorant, body butter, lip balm, and/or hand-sanitizing wipes in the mix. 

Books and Board Games

Your student needs a time off too, and regardless if they’re a bookworm or a fun kid who loves spending their time reading, books and board games will always help them detach from the stressful reality a little and enjoy their free time.

You can ship them their favorite trilogy from home or get them the new Descent: legends of the Dark board game they’ve been talking about for months.

As long as you’re in communication with the student, you’ll be able to pick out what they’re missing or wanting from home. Hopefully these suggestions have given you some direction on where to start. As always, PackageHopper is here to help you in sending packages to over 210 countries. So, reach out if you need some more ideas or have questions!


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