The Best Care Package Ideas for Lowering Anxiety

Sharing is caring. This is a well-known motto we’ve all learned as children: sharing is all about caring and love. We share things to strengthen our connection, establish trust in relationships, and bring happiness to those we care about.

Christopher McCandless wrote “Happiness is real only when shared” in his diary before his death in the Alaskan wilderness at 24. His realization near the end reminds us of the real values in life. When was the last time you got in touch with a friend living abroad? A family member that you miss? A volunteer trying to make the world a better place?

With the distances a little greater recently, while we’re all still trying to continue with work, school, and safe grocery shopping, everyone can use a little stress relief.

How can we show someone that we empathize with their current plights or how much they mean to us? We can send a thoughtful email, a funny meme, or an interesting article. But what if you want to send a bigger message—literally? Let PackageHopper help you send a stress-relief box bursting with positive feelings will make their day.

Snack Box

American Snacks Care Package with Reese's, M&Ms, Chex, Cheez-itz, popcorn, Hershey's , Twizzlers, and more

Snack boxes are great because they are very customizable. You can create a personalized package of joy of snacks that are not available outside of the US. Send a piece of home to your ex-pat friends or surprise someone with American tastes that they’ve never tried before. Check this article for some great snack ideas or this American Favorites Snack Care Package option.

Fidget Box

35 different and colorful fidget toys

Fidget toys are the most popular stress-relief gift ideas nowadays. They are good for people with anxiety but are fun for everyone as well. You can create a custom package of your favorite fidget spinners, infinity cubes, stretch strings, and many more! This Fidget Box is a suitable alternative too if you want a ready-made selection.

Meditation Set

A purple yoga meditation set with eye mask, candle, pillow bolsters, and storage case

A yoga set is a great idea for both beginners or experts in meditation. The positive side is that thanks to the lightweight nature of the items, your shipping rates will be very low if you ship with PackageHopper!

Help your friends find inner peace and happiness with some great meditation equipment. This 7 piece Yoga Set is our recommendation for you. 

Spa Basket

A lavender spa basket including bath supplies, essential oils, handmade soap, and lip balm

Another great idea is preparing a spa basket. Include essential oils, bath accessories, face masks, and whatever you think works well to exude relaxation and self-care. Once your package is delivered, you can even organize an online spa day and share some quality time together.

Check out this lavender-focused spa basket to give you some ideas. 

The best anti-stress is a big smile. Make your loved ones happy with these stress-relief ideas and let us offer you the best shipping experience.


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