Choosing the Right Packing Tape

We talk about what to buy and where to buy it all the time but choosing the right tape for your shipment is just as important as choosing the items for shipping. It is important to note that you cannot use duct tape for shipments and almost all carriers strongly advise against it.

Special shipping tapes come in different colors, widths, and adhesive bonds. If you do a lot of shipping (ahem, small business owners) you might want to consider shopping in bulk for your business needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best packaging tapes for your type of shipment.

‘Sure Start’ Shipping Packing Tape

Scotch Clear Packaging Tape 1.88 inch x 25 yards 6 rolls

This Sure Start tape by Scotch is best for beginner shippers and those who want a quiet home or office. Usually, it comes in 6 rolls, 25 yards each, and it’s very easy to use because it unwinds smoothly and doesn’t leave creases or split ends after cutting. Its hot-melt adhesive makes it resistant to tearing, keeping the package secure. The tape is clear to the core, which adds a touch of elegance to the whole package.

Multipurpose Ferociously Strong Tape

T-Rex Ferociously Strong Duct Tape 1.88 inch x 35 yards

This packing tape is an all-time customer favorite because of its strength and durability. The T-Rex Ferociously Strong Packaging Tape is an affordable option that will check every box on your “needs” list for packing tape. It is ideal for both simple and heavy-duty shipping (it is heavily used for moving too!). It’s extremely thick, which makes it resistant to different weather conditions, and its hot-melt adhesive sticks on easily but isn’t hard to remove. The tape even works on dirty surfaces and can be used for other outdoor or indoor needs like taping a broken window shut temporarily. All in all, it’s a perfect choice for those who are moving or need to pack a few boxes with important items for friends or relatives overseas.

Carton Sealing Tape for Cardboard Boxes

3 Inch x 60 Yards Flat Back Kraft Brown Paper Packing Tape

A unique, eco-friendly sealing tape that is best for different kinds of cardboard packages because of its adaptable adhesion. The Kraft Flatback Carton Sealing Tape has good tensile strength and is resistant to big temperature changes. The tape is 3 inches thick, 60 yards long, and its uniqueness lies in its materials - rubber resin and paper backing. The warm brown color blends in neatly with any cardboard box. This tape works best if applied at room temperature, but the packages can later be stored in cooler or warmer rooms without a problem. 

Ultra Durable Water-Activated Tape for Secure Shipping

Nova Ultra Durable Beige Packaging Tape 2.75 inch Width

If item security is your number 1 concern and priority, this is the right tape for your packages. The water-activated tape is 2.75 inches wide, and as the name suggests, activates when it’s wet, leaving a seal that can only be cut with sharp objects like scissors, scalpel or a knife. This tape is also tamper-proof and can endure rough handling, as well as extremely hot or cold temperatures. The gum tape's wet adhesive penetrates deeper than the surface layer, sealing the box and ensuring its safe shipment. Many business owners choose this tape for shipping for obvious security reasons.

Masking Tape for Light Packages

 Lichamp Masking Tape for General Purpose Beige Color 0.75 inch x 55 Yards

While masking tape is mostly used for walls, windows and other surfaces that need temporary protection from paint, water or other liquids, it’s also widely used for light packages that don’t require much adhesive and can be opened easily. Shippers choose this type of tape for small items like lightweight jewelry, a single piece of makeup, phone cases, lighters, etc. 

The Lichamp Masking Tape is a great choice for this type of packages and one of its pros is that it gets stickier if you apply more pressure to it.

If all that tape doesn’t cover your shipping and packing needs, just send the PackageHopper team a message and we’ll be happy to help!


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