E-commerce & Shopping Trends of Mexico

The current Mexican eCommerce market is thriving and a gold mine worth exploring. In 2020, over two-thirds of Mexico’s online consumers have shopped at an international site, according to Statista. If you’re a US-based entrepreneur with a vision looking to expand worldwide, now is the time to look at your closest options.

Mexico offers many potential benefits to small businesses from the US, such as free trade agreements and accessibility. After Brazil, it is the second-largest eCommerce market in Latin America. Let’s inspect to find out the eCommerce trends of Mexico and how you can turn them to your advantage.

eCommerce Trends

Even before the global pandemic, online shopping was becoming a popular alternative for most people. But especially during the quarantine, more and more people started shopping online.

In 2019, half of the Mexican online shoppers bought things from international websites, with 64 percent of those purchases coming from US sites. This growth parallels with the increased access to the World Wide Web on different electronic devices. The cost of mobile internet services has decreased in recent years, and free public internet access has spread across the country. Now, Mexican internet users are more exposed to international products.

Mexico has a strong demand for American goods, ranking second after Canada, but it is the largest market for small company exports.

Social media platforms are essential to Mexico’s eCommerce, not just as marketplaces for online sales, but also as fields for gathering consumer feedback.

Mexicans currently spend around nine hours every day on the internet and 3.5 hours on social media. 48 percent of Mexican internet buyers have made in-app transactions on Facebook or Instagram. For returns, Mexicans return fewer online purchases than their American counterparts.

Trending Categories

Mexico’s growing youth population and expanding middle-class offer opportunities for prospering small businesses. As in many countries with a growing economy, there are several peaks for online shopping seasons in Mexico:

  • Mother’s Day and Hot Sales week in May
  • Hot fashion sales in August
  • El Buen Fin in November
  • Christmas in December

Outside of these dedicated holiday seasons, products like clothes and shoes, car parts, furniture, home décor, mobile accessories, and sports and exercise equipment are always on demand.

Electronics are another popular customer-favorite category too. Apple iPads, flat-screen TVs, and smartphones are highly sought-after.


Mexican shoppers want to know the retailers they’re buying from are secure and trustworthy. Online fraud is a major source of concern. You should pay attention to building trust with your potential customers by lowering your false-positive rate. Mexicans prefer to buy from trusted sites, even if they have to pay more or wait longer for delivery. Your online presence is always a major part of your brand identity, so make sure you offer the best experience to your customers.

It’s not only security that you should pay attention to. Have a simple and easy-to-use checkout process. This is a must not only for Mexican shoppers but for any shopper that you want to come back.

Another important detail is providing content in Spanish for your customers. This small strategy can offer you a lot, as you will highly impress many shoppers with your customer support. Hiring a translator and investing in search engine optimization is a good start.

Payment Methods

Keep in mind that payment preferences in Mexico differ from those in the United States. Mexicans are more likely to use a debit card or digital wallet to pay than a credit card. To accommodate these choices, you’ll need to adjust your payment methods and fraud controls.

Avoid Major Purchasing Problems

Long delivery periods, difficulties connecting with customer support, and dissatisfaction with the quality of the products are the most common purchase issues. Buyers who have had troubles with previous purchases are less inclined to purchase from the same seller again. With the right marketing strategy and website set-up, it’s easy to avoid any of these issues.

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