Lovely Gifts You Can Ship to the UK for Mothering Sunday

March 19th marks a significant holiday that the UK celebrates: Mothering Sunday. This day represents the celebration and commemoration of mother churches and motherhood since the 16th century. Mothering Sunday is similar to Mother’s Day in the US, but the special occasion occurs during the season of Lent between February 22nd to April 6th.

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Exquisite Vases

A Pink Mirrored Checkered Design Elavain Acrylic Flower Vase full of pink tulips

Flowers are a wonderful gift to give to loved ones and communities for Mothering Sunday. However, you cannot ship plants as they are on the prohibited and restricted items list. Elegant and colorful vases are fantastic alternatives anyone can display in their home as unique decorations. They complete tabletops, countertops, and bookcases and become conversation starters. 

Fragrant Candles

One LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick Sandalwood Scented Candle

You cannot go wrong with sending a lovely-scented candle or two as a gift for Mothering Sunday. They come with various fragrances, beautiful packaging, and unique designs that are perfect for decorating homes, improving the scenery, and making the day more soothing and relaxing. 

Digital Picture Frame

A wooden brown BIHIWOIA Digital Picture Frame showing off a smiling family next to a smartphone full of pictures

If you know anyone who’s having trouble finding space for multiple frames to show off their favorite pictures, a Digital Picture Frame will be a wonderful gift to give for Mothering Sunday. These devices can transfer and store hundreds of photos from your phone for seamless and compact presentation. Recipients can add and swipe through precious memories with ease! 

Electric Tea Kettles

A beige Nekteck Shiatsu Heated Electric Neck and Back Massager with red heated kneading massage nodes and four black side buttons

For those who enjoy hot beverages for any occasion, an electric tea kettle is handy for creating your favorite drinks at your preferred temperatures. The temperature control layout allows for easy use and keeps the kettle hot and warm for hours. With this gooseneck kettle, recipients do not need to worry about stovetop kettles, timers, and boiled water getting cold! 

Neck and Back Massagers

A black Nekteck Shiatsu Heated Electric Neck and Back Massager with red heated kneading massage nodes and four black side buttons

People celebrating Mothering Sunday should dedicate time to relaxing and pampering themselves. An electric back massager is a long-lasting gift you can give to loved ones for Mothering Sunday. The ergonomic design is comfortable, and the deep-kneading nodes alleviate sore muscles around the neck, back, and shoulders. Recipients can take it to work, road trips, and flights.

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