How to Weigh a Box for Shipping: A Short Guide

Our mission is to make your shipping with PackageHopper pleasant, fast, easy, and affordable. As a company that values your time, we’ve made sure that the necessary tools are just a click away, so our customers can place their shipment within minutes and go on with their day.

A Few Helpful Measuring Apps

Measuring the box before shipping is a simple task that you have to do on your end, but you don’t have to have professional tools or prior knowledge – that’s what apps are for!

On our blog, we have a post where we discuss the best Five Apps that Help Measure Packages and you can use whichever you find most suitable for your package.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, a simple ruler or measuring tape gets the job done too!

Some shippers choose to use multiple apps and tools to get the most accurate numbers, but we guarantee that even one is enough to get precise measurements.

Pay Attention to the Weight/Size Limit

Even though we offer shipment of big packages by weight only 99% of the time, our carriers have weight and size limits for their services and we highly recommend that you check them before shipping.

*To calculate the girth, the formula is Length + Width*2 + Height*2.

Use Conversion Tools

The centimeters-to-inches and kilograms-to-pounds conversion might be a bit confusing and tough to master. To simply give you the idea - 1 inch is ~2.5 cm, and 1 pound equals ~0.45 kgs (less than half a kilogram). However, there are numerous conversion tools online that will do the conversion for you in just a few clicks. Even simple, you could just type, for example, “24 cm to inches” in the search bar and Google will show you the result immediately.

Now that you know how easy it is to weigh a box, just print and add the labels to your package, and find your nearest drop-off point. However, don’t forget to check the List of Restricted and Prohibited Items before shipping.


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