Have Blast On Halloween With Friends Around the World

Boo! Did you know that Halloween dates back more than 2,000 years?

It all started as a pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain, which means summer's end. Held around the first of November, the holiday recognized the final day of the fall harvest and spirits crossing over, since they believed the veil between the living and spirit world was thinnest at that time.

Nowadays, it is America’s second-largest commercial holiday and instead focuses on fun, spooky, and delicious celebrations. It’s an absolute favorite time of the year for children—and children at heart—as a total costume and candy show—where spooky things are celebrated with great joy.

Holidays are great when shared but we don’t always get the chance to celebrate our favorite holidays with the people that mean a lot to us. This year, make Halloween more memorable by extending the invite to your friends and family living abroad. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this spooky holiday internationall with your favorite people, and how PackageHopper can make this a stress-free experience too!

1. Organize a Halloween Zoom Party

Get your friends and family aboard. Schedule a Halloween zoom party where you can connect. If you are interested in making things more interesting, turn it into a costume party! You can surprise your loved ones by sending them their favorite Halloween costumes.

Halloween is not a popular holiday everywhere in the world and it might be difficult for your friends to find the perfect costumes for their celebrations. Pick a theme for your Halloween, choose some of these great group costume ideas (or if you are crafty create your own costumes).

With Package Hopper you can ship the costumes to each and every one of your friends and family no matter where they are in the world. The fast and efficient delivery service will ensure that your package arrives just in time. Once they turn on the camera, we’re sure that the sense of belonging and bonding will enchant the room.

2. Organize a Virtual Costume Contest

Another great idea is hosting a virtual costume contest. You can jazz up your gathering by setting costume contest rules before the party. Announce the categories, such as best coordinated costume, funniest costume, scariest costume, most creative costume, most detailed costume, and most timely costume. During the call, you can ask attendees to cast votes for the top costume in each category using your video platform’s polling feature or private chat. Once all votes are in, announce the winners and award prizes that you think everyone will love.

If you plan ahead enough, it would be a wonderful surprise to ship out physical prizes to the winners. We offer expedited international shipping options, so they’ll be able to show off their prizes in 1-5 business days!

3. Virtual Halloween Movie Marathon

To set the mood for your online Halloween party, you and your team can stream creepy Halloween content on platforms like Zoom. By using a program like Metastream, you and your group can watch shows and movies simultaneously.

4. Halloween Candy Packages

Halloween is notorious for two things: costumes and candy. No Halloween party would be complete without sweet treats. You can surprise your friends and family by sending them their favorite Halloween snacks that are not available abroad. Make it a spooky AND sweet gathering. Please refer to the list of restricted items to ensure that your package is safe to send.

5. Virtual Games and Activities

From murder mysteries to scavenger hunts, there are a lot of Halloween games that you can play online during your Halloween party. Here is a list of spooky Halloween games we like:

International Monster Hunter

Following clues, answering trivia, and working together to track and trap monsters and strange creatures from all over the world.

Play Werewolf (aka Mafia)

The object of the game is to identify and kill the werewolves amongst the villagers. There are a few different roles to remember, and the roles in play will depend on the number of players in the game.

Online Escape Room

Make use of video conference software to connect with family and friends online from anywhere in the world, then enter a virtual world together and play! Each virtual Escape Room comes with a variety of fun puzzles and unique challenges that will compel you to work together to solve them. 

6. Organize a Virtual Pumpkin-carving Contest

If you and your friends are more on the artistic side, gather remotely with them to decorate your pumpkins. You can set up a theme or let everyone’s creativity work things out. Meanwhile, spice things up by sharing ghost stories or playing a spooky Halloween playlist in the background. Once you’re done, you can all vote for the winner pumpkin and have fun.

Halloween gatherings are the most enjoyable when everyone accepts the strange. There's no reason why virtual Halloween parties can't be just as exciting as real-life gatherings. You'll have to work a little more to create the atmosphere, but your friends and family will have a good time on Halloween. Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and make this Halloween bubble!


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