PackageHopper Explains: Shipping to a PO Box

It is important to know the specific rules and regulations regarding international shipping if you need to send a package or mail it to an international PO box. Shipping to a PO box can be a little more complicated than shipping to a physical address, so it's important to follow the correct procedures to ensure that your package arrives at its destination safely and on time.

Here are some steps to follow when sending a package or mail to an international PO box:

Check the Address Format

Before proceeding to our shipping calculator, ensure you have the correct address format for the country you're sending to. We want to ensure you enter the correct information into the PackageHopper system and limit any room for human error. Different countries have different address formats, so checking this before starting your PackageHopper journey is important. For example, the address format in Japan is typically written in reverse order, starting with the postal code and ending with the recipient's name and address.

Select a Reliable Shipping Carrier

Using our shipping calculator, PackageHopper will present several carrier options for you. Ultimately, choosing who delivers your items to their destination is up to you, but PackageHopper helps you find the best shipping rates available for your package. Thanks to our partnership with several big-name couriers like DHL and FedEx, you can select a service that perfectly fits your needs and budget. 

Fill Out Necessary Customs Information

When sending a package or mail internationally, you must fill out some customs forms. Thankfully, PackageHopper will take care of that for you. All you have to do is provide us with details on your box contents, including the value of the items and where they were made. Check our Restricted and Prohibited Items list to be sure your package can be shipped internationally. Ensure you fill out this information accurately to avoid delays or customs issues. 

Please be aware that if any item in your shipment is undeclared, restricted, prohibited, hazardous, or dangerous, it will be discarded without reimbursement. 

Pay Any Applicable Fees

Before printing your shipping label with PackageHopper, you will be prompted to pay for your items. You will only have to pay for the rates on the package weight and dimensions. You will also have the option to pay for PackageHopper Protect shipping insurance to ensure your items are covered in the rare case of lost or damaged items. 

When sending a package or mail internationally, you or your recipient may need to pay additional fees, such as customs fees, duties, and taxes. The customs authorities generally determine final costs at the time of import into the destination country. 

Bring Your Items to a Drop-Off Location

Once you've printed your shipping label and packaged your items, bring your parcel to your nearest drop-off location. UPS will deliver your package to the PackageHopper warehouse in Sarasota, Florida, where our team of experts will verify the package size and contents, prepare the exportation documentation, and repackage your items to ensure their safe delivery with your selected courier. We take care of it all for you so you can feel safe knowing your items are protected and ready for a successful delivery. 

Track Your Package

From here on out, you can keep tabs on your package's journey to its destination with PackageHopper's door-to-door tracking. Watch your package reach its destination safely with our online tracking services. 

Find Affordable Shipping Rates with PackageHopper

Sending a package or mail to an international PO box isn't as complicated as you think. By following these steps and utilizing PackageHopper to find the best available shipping option, your loved one will receive their package in a week. 

PackageHopper provides users with various fast and affordable shipping options with trusted partner carriers so you can ship your packages without worry. Enter your package information into our shipping calculator, choose your desired shipping method, provide your shipping details, and bring your item to the nearest drop-off location. 

PackageHopper will take care of the rest of your package's journey through proper inspection and submitting any customs documentation. So just relax, as our trusted partner couriers like DHL and FedEx will transport your items to their destinations. PackageHopper is here to assist you, whether to help customers find the ideal gift for special occasions or ship multiple deliveries to any destination.