PackageHopper Explains: Weekend Deliveries

Regarding international deliveries, PackageHopper is one of the best tools for finding the best courier services. Thanks to our partnerships with reliable couriers such as DHL and FedEx, we can offer PackageHopper customers the best prices and delivery time frames to ship their items to international locations. 

While these major courier companies operate globally, knowing whether they offer weekend deliveries can be confusing. While PackageHopper cannot provide guaranteed delivery dates, it’s always good to know if your courier option delivers on the weekends. This blog will examine how each provider handles weekend deliveries for international recipients.

Does FedEx Deliver During the Weekend?

FedEx is another popular courier company that offers global shipping services. Unlike DHL, FedEx does not offer regular weekend deliveries for international shipments. They may, however, deliver on the weekend for urgent shipments through its FedEx Priority Service. 

If you select the FedEx Priority Service, you can expect delivery on Saturdays in some countries where it is considered a regular business day.

Does USPS Deliver During the Weekends?

The United States Postal Service, USPS, is the primary postal service provider in the United States. It also offers international shipping services to over 190 countries. Unlike DHL and FedEx, USPS does not offer regular weekend deliveries for international shipments. 

However, USPS does offer International Priority, which provides weekend delivery to select destinations that consider Saturday a regular business day.

Does Australia Post Deliver During the Weekend?

Australia Post is a postal mail service department owned and operated by the Australian government and provides mailing and shipping services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, Australia Post, a federally operated entity, does not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. Recipients who have access to a 24/7 parcel locker and hold their items at a post office can access Australia Post facilities on Saturdays. 

Ship Today with PackageHopper

While PackageHopper cannot guarantee a Saturday or Sunday delivery of your shipped goods, we can provide customers with Priority and Express mailing options so their items can be delivered as soon as possible. 

PackageHopper provides many features to help individuals and businesses efficiently manage shipping and delivery options. With easy label printing, affordable international shipping rates, and real-time tracking, PackageHopper can help you save time and money while ensuring your packages are delivered on time. 

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