Personalize Your Small Business With Stamps and Stickers

Branding is everything, especially if you’re the owner of a small business that’s trying to get recognition in the ocean of other small businesses. One great way to do so is using stamps and stickers!

Personalize your product packaging and how you pack your orders. This can include tissue paper that has been stamped and printed with your brand’s logo, or stickers to seal packaging and wrapping paper.

When your customers finally get their order—shipped quickly with PackageHopper, of course 😉—they get a whole brand experience while unpacking! The best part of all this? Unboxing UGC, aka, User Generated Content. That is an extension of your marketing, completely free if your use of custom stamps and stickers is successful.

During the stage of image personalization, it is important to find the balance between your personal style and buyers’ preferences. However, it is worth noting that the best way to personalize your business to perfection is through trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Many startup businesses opt for stamps because they’re cost-effective in the long run i.e. you only have to buy the stamp once and if it’s good enough for you, you’ll have no additional costs unless you decide to change the design of the stamp. 

Stamps are a long-term investment that will add a classy touch to your shipment. With your budget and business needs taken into consideration, a stamp with your business logo on it can be designed and imprinted onto silicone, rubber, or even wooden surface for you to use on the regular. We recommend you choose which is a better fit based on the surface you’re going to be using it on. Stamps work well with cardboard and thicker paper, while thin paper and nylon fabric should be avoided as the high pressure from stamping might tear them.

You can get creative and make your own stamp by combining some of the numerous Stamp Logo Designs presented here. Old-Fashioned Wax Sealing is another popular and widely-used method, and we highly recommend that you try it if that’s more your style.


Stickers are a great choice for when you have smaller items to pack and ship (a piece of jewelry, a single lipstick or lip gloss, etc.) in wrapping paper or paper/nylon bags. Once you wrap the goods or put them in a small bag, place a sticker at the opening as a way to seal the product and to make your brand more “out there” and recognizable. Your clients will surely appreciate the effort and attention to detail you put into every single product.

If you choose to go with Custom Logo Stickers, make sure to use a reliable printing company or small business that will print the stickers in high quality and in their right shapes. Faint and/or smudged colors and poorly cut shapes do not look professional and will leave a bad impression on the client.

Another quality trait you should take into consideration is to choose waterproof stickers that don’t leave sticky residue when removed if placing onto your product. As your shipment will be travelling overseas, you’ll want them to stay in place and look fresh.

You Can Always Combine the Two!

Of course, some businesses use both! This could be an option if your budget allows. Businesses that pack items in bundles within one order may find themselves more drawn to this option. Having each bundle wrapped in branded, stamped paper, and then sealed with a custom sticker makes for a beautiful presentation and organized order shipment!

If this kind of shipping interests you but you’re wondering how you can fill in the empty space in a bigger box and prevent your delicate products from eventual damage, click here to read our article on protection of fragile items.

Deciding on the Customization

It’s important for the design of your stickers and stamps to match your brand (eg. logo or key phrases) and your products. If you’re just getting started, using your brand logo and colors is the best way to go, so your customers can familiarize themselves with your business. Consistency is key to brand success.

Once you have decided on the images you want to use, you can move on to the design. There are a lot of websites online where you can customize your own packaging and they even offer templates that might give you some ideas. Another option we recommend is to consult with or hire a graphic designer to help.

Stamp-patterned Wrapping Paper

To get your brand literally everywhere and in everyone’s heads, you might want to consider using wrapping paper that has the name/logo of your business all over it. After all, many of the biggest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Guess, and Fendi, to name a few, use their logos in all-over patterns on many of their products and it’s impossible not to recognize them instantly.

Another advantage of using this sort of paper is that you’ll cut your expenses on stickers (you can simply use regular clear tape). You can either hand-stamp your logo or image onto paper, or order paper that has been printed all-over already!


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