Get the Groomsmen’s “Yes” with These Proposal Box Ideas

After getting the most important “Yes” in his life, there are a few more affirmative answers that are of great importance for every groom – those of his friends that he wants as groomsmen. Every group of friends has their own way of communication, closeness, language, and rituals, so there are a million ways to ask the boys to be a part of the special day, and they can be as silly or as classy as the groom wants them to be.

This article is aimed to help you choose the most interesting groomsmen proposal boxes in accordance with your budget, and we’ll ship them to you at affordable prices too!

Rustic Flask Set

Carraway Rustic Personalized Flask Set with brown faux leather box containing a flask, two shot glasses and a funnel

Adding a flask to a groomsmen's box is one of the best gift ideas. As weddings are a time for celebration and fun, everyone wants to relax and blow off some steam. With a flask in their pocket, the groomsmen won’t have to go to the table every time they want a sip of their drinks.

This Carraway Rustic Flask Set comes in a faux-leather box, accompanied by two shot glasses and a funnel, all made out of stainless steel. Naturally, the engraving can be customized in accordance with your wishes and needs. As it’s made of durable metal, you can be sure it’ll arrive in Germany, Spain, or India in one piece and ready for a drink!

Classic and Simple

Broposal Gift Box with customized groomsman whiskey bottle and shot glass in an elegant black box

With a fun play-on-words that no potential groomsman can turn down, The Broposal Gift Box is a great customizable option! You can choose cardboard or faux leather for the box, and you get the option to choose between silver or gold foil labels for the whiskey bottle and the shot glass.

Additionally, you can choose to have your wedding date imprinted on the shot glass, too.

Be sure to provide extra padding between and around the glass items to ensure it makes it to the other side of the world!

Premium Set for Premium Gentlemen

Round black White Confetti Box Groomsmen Gift Box containing a whiskey bottle, candle, bottle opener, low ball glass and cards.

There is no limit as to what a groomsman proposal box can contain, and some gentlemen deserve a care package filled with only the best. For this gift, we suggest a credit-card like bottle opener, a premium soy candle with a unique scent of your choice, wedding-themed playing cards (or other types of entertaining cards), the obligatory drink and cigar, and a low-ball glass that can have the specific groomsman’s initials carved on it.

“Dangerous” VIP Set

Engraved Dangerous VIP Set with Flask, Cork Screw, Wallet and Knife

This VIP Set is for those who live more on the dangerous side as it radiates masculine energy. A quality set should contain items that a man might need and use in everyday life.

This beautiful box contains a flask that can have the groomsman’s name engraved on it, a sharp, stainless-steel pocket knife, a classic, wooden bottle opener, and a black wallet. There is beauty in simplicity, and a set like this is a definite must-have for every sharp gentleman.

Everything a Groomsman Needs

Bro She Made Me Do This Groomsmen White Box with Sunglasses, Tumbler, Socks and Invitation Card

There are many amazing sets that can serve as a groomsmen gift and wedding invitation in one. The following gift box set is a cool gift to show your appreciation for the future groomsmen, and it can be personalized in accordance with your needs. When printing, it is good to have several card options to choose from, depending on what role you want to assign to the person in question.

Another cool idea is to have a box that comes with cool sunglasses, a skinny or regular can coozie, a pair of socks, and an official invitation card. When more (or colorful) items are involved, we recommend that they get packed and sealed together in a classy black or white box.

A Well-Crafted Box

The QuatreCrafts Groomsmen Box with wooden box, black flask, black wood and leather watch, and black and wooden temple sunglasses

Last, but not least, we suggest this sharp and elegant Groomsmen Box by QuatreCrafts that comes with a cool flask, a pair of sunglasses with wooden temples, and a watch. These are among the top must-have items for a groomsman to look great on a wedding day. Everything in this box set is customizable: the text and font on the box and flask, as well as the text on the temples. The watch is made of walnut wood and leather, and it, too, can be engraved to fit your needs.


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