Delivery to the Philippines is Just a Hop Away!

International shipping may be an arduous job if you are new in this field. Whether you have family or friends in the Philippines whom you want to send a care package from the US, or you want to access the Philippines’ growing eCommerce growing market (a growth rate of 18.30%), we are here for you. As PackageHopper our mission is to offer you an easy and affordable way to ship packages from the US to over 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Let us guide you through the process of preparing your package, finding the best rates for international shipping options (*hint* it with us, PackageHopper!), and tracking your package.

Before You Ship

When you prepare your package there are several things to consider.

Prohibited items

Certain items cannot legally ship from the US. Please review our restricted and prohibited items list before creating your shipment to be sure your package can be delivered to its destination.

The Philippines Embassy has a detailed list that would be important to consult before shipping an item to the Philippines. Here are few items, for example, guns in any form including toys and replicas; obscene films, photographs, paintings; Marijuana, opium, poppies, coca leaves, heroin, or any other narcotics, etc.

When shipping with PackageHopper, you will be required to tell us the contents of your package, the intended use, and the value. As part of the booking process, we will walk you through the customs declaration. All you have to do after is print and attach the completed paperwork to your shipment.

Once you are sure that the items you are shipping are not on the restricted and prohibited items list, you can proceed to prepare your package.

Prepare your package

During transit on international routes, shipments are subjected to a great deal of handling. Packing your packages properly will prevent your items from harm and guarantee that they arrive in good shape at their destination.

Due to the dominant tropical weather in the Philippines, your package must be able to withstand heat and humidity. Choose a new, strong, and right-sized box. Select the proper cushioning materials and wrap items individually meanwhile surrounding them with bubble sheeting. Seal your package with reliable shipping tape. Properly label your package.

After you are done with your preparations, it’s time to figure out how much it will cost to ship.

International Shipping Options

Once you provide the weight and package dimensions on the Shipping Rates page, we’ll calculate all the best carrier options available for you.

Once you select the best option for your shipping situation, continue to fill in the form with all the details regarding your shipment. After you check out and pay for your shipment, PackageHopper will email you a shipping label and export documents to be printed before you drop off your package.

PackageHopper can help you locate and book a courier service that meets your demands and budget, whether you're searching for the quickest or cheapest package delivery service to the Philippines.                               

Tracking Your Package

Once you make a selection, we'll provide you an expected arrival time based on information supplied by the couriers as they handle the items.

After you drop off your package, you or your recipient can use the tracking number to see where the package is at any given time. Simply go to Track Package and select the company that you trusted your shipment to and type the shipment tracking number.

We recommend that you share the tracking information with the recipients so they can see how long it will take to reach them, and when it is expected to arrive. When booking, always provide the recipient's phone number in case the delivery person has to contact them at any point.

Easy Steps to Start Shipping

Shipping your package is easy, just follow the simple steps:

  1. Pack your shipment carefully
  2. Log into your PackageHopper account to prepare your package

  3. Pay for shipping

  4. Follow the instructions provided with your order to print labels and customs forms

  5. Drop off your package with the carrier option chosen

And that’s it! You can leave the rest up to us.


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