Delivery to Canada is Just a Hop Away!

Two women, one with American flag and the other with Canadian flag, on mobile devices; text across image says "Send Your Packages to France with PackageHopper by MyUS"

Canada is not the farthest away, but did you know shipping costs from the US to Canada can be ridiculously high and delivery may take way too long? Luckily for you, PackageHopper has got you covered, so there’s no room for worries when you’re sending your very important Valentine’s gift package containing a selection of US’ finest chocolate to a loved one or a special custom order for a customer. We offer our international delivery services to over 210 countries worldwide and we are not planning on stopping there!

Our services can be the right fit for both your personal and professional needs. You can rest assured that your deliveries will be handled carefully and safely by our staff because with PackageHopper by MyUS, we take care of each and every package as if it was our own. After all, who would want to receive potentially expired chocolate, three weeks after the holiday? Not us!

Your Shipment Is Just a Few Clicks Away!

Our goal is to assist friends, families, and businesses with quality shipping services to get everything to their desired locations safely and at affordable costs. We value your time and money and are constantly working hard to find the best and most affordable routes! Whether you’re moving to Canada for an exciting new life or simply need a few souvenirs from the US delivered to friends or family—choose us to be your reliable partners. And if you are a small business expanding to Canada, we’re the best choice to make it happen! We are delighted to be able to see your business grow at each step and help you get those positive reviews about your amazingly speedy shipping!

Shipping with PackageHopper is incredibly easy!

We are sure that you’ve got everything figured out already, but summing it up won’t hurt anybody, so here we go:

  1. Have your precious package packed and ready in a new shipping box
  2. Go to our website, enter your zip code, package weight (height, too, is required for bigger packages) and destination country

  3. Pay for shipping

  4. Print the labels and customs form provided with your order (you’ll be needing a printer, or someone who has one, for this)

  5. Just drop off the package with your carrier of choice

Sit back, relax—and wait for that thank you message or call from your recipient!


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