Sending Packages to Germany is Just a HOP with PackageHopper!

For many, Germany is the promised land as it has the largest national economy in Europe and ranks fourth overall in the world. This makes it an ideal country for individuals and business people that wish to try their luck at finding their success. With so many people and so much business flowing about, it is certain that you’ll find yourself shipping to recipients in Germany at some point. Whether it’s a new customer, a possible business partner, or a family member or friend who now lives in Germany.

Sending packages from the US all the way to Germany may seem like a daunting task. But that’s why we’re here! PackageHopper makes this usually complicated and confusing process clear as day for all. Let us help you in your task—business, personal, or whatever, PackageHopper can handle it for you. 

Let’s talk through your options here!

How Does It Work?

MyUS has been a global online-shopping leader for over 20 years and we are tirelessly working on ensuring the best service for our members every day. With our experience in the logistics and transportation industry, we’re bringing to you a simplified shipping process with PackageHopper.

We’ve made it easy for you to get the best price for your package with just a few clicks! On this page you can find information on how to prepare your package. There’s also a lot of information for any of your international shipping questions, all in one helpful place in our FAQ so you won’t have to waste any time searching for random answers from third parties all over the Internet. 

For all your valuables, whether in sentimental value or monetary, we offer PackageHopper Protect, a shipment-protection option. It’s also a great idea to check the list of Restricted and Prohibited Items so your package doesn’t face any extra delays due to import regulations—we hate complications too!

Fast Delivery, Low Rates

Receive affordable rates when you enter your package weight and dimensions into our shipping calculator! This is ideal for sending care packages with items like makeup, books, snacks, t-shirts, etc. So if you were recently FaceTiming with your sister who’s studying abroad Germany and she seemed a little homesick, you could ship off send a few items from home to cheer her up. 

Pack that sweatshirt she left behind, a book from her favorite author, add a few bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos (she’s been complaining about cravings and not being able to find them in Germany), and a Polaroid of her with the family pup that she misses so much. Send it off with PackageHopper’s simple process, and now wait for her ecstatic call when she receives her box of goodies! You can even track the package with your shipment tracking number, so you’ll know when to expect her call.

PackageHopper shipping options can deliver the package for you within as little as 1-3 business days, depending on your carrier and service of choice. Make sure you pack everything neatly, include any required paperwork, print the labels provided with your package, and drop it off at your nearest carrier station. See the steps for an easy-to-follow breakdown!

Simply Ship With PackageHopper

Sending care packages and shop orders is simple and fast with PackageHopper. Here are all the steps:

  1. Have your precious package packed and ready in a new shipping box
  2. Go to our website, enter your zip code, package weight (height, too, is required for bigger packages) and destination country

  3. Pay for shipping

  4. Print the labels and customs form provided with your order (you’ll be needing a printer, or someone who has one, for this)

  5. Just drop off the package with your carrier of choice

Ship today and discover the benefits that our clients from all around the world enjoy on the regular.


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