Delivery to Guatemala is Just a Hop Away!

International shipping can be a very complex or a straightforward process, depending on what side you’re looking at things. It takes a lot of preparation in order to have everything in perfect order. Whether you have a personal delivery or are in the eCommerce market, you have plenty of options to ship your goods to anywhere in the world.

When you choose PackageHopper, you’ll work with the best major carriers offering shipping to almost any country, and Guatemala is no exception. With the correct guidance, you can deliver your package to Guatemala with the most affordable and satisfying shipping experience provided by PackageHopper.

Packing and Shipping Your Package

Take a look at what the entire process looks like!

Be sure to have your items packed and ready in a new shipping box and a good amount of void fillers. This part is essential if you want your receivers to be satisfied. If you need help with this part, check out our blog for tips on how to prepare different packages, before you drop them off.

Go to our Ship Now page. Enter your zip code, package weight, and destination country. Once you pick your carrier and fill in the shipping information, pay for shipping based on weight and package dimensions. 

Print the labels and customs form provided with your order. Just drop off the package with your carrier of choice..

And that’s it! Leave the rest up to us.

Shipping Time for Guatemala

On average, the delivery time from the US to Guatemala can be anywhere between 1 and 5 business days. This depends on which several factors like the shipping service, carrier, holidays, and customs. With PackageHopper, you can choose between standard or expedited shipping services. We’d recommend selecting expedited if it’s a holiday gift or a special birthday package, so your lucky recipient will have it in time for unwrapping!

It all depends on your preferences, your budget, and whether the delivery is urgent.

Guatemalan Customs, Tax & Duty

While you fill in the shipping form, we ask you to give us information on the things you’re sending so that we can provide you with a perfect shipping experience. Some products are prohibited from exporting out of the United States, while others require extra steps to ensure that the cargo can be handled. Here are some rules on things to be aware of:

Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco products are not accepted for shipping by the carriers.

Counterfeit, Bootlegged or Pirated Items

The US government protects company brands and their products by making it illegal to sell, trade, or ship counterfeit or otherwise infringing knockoff items.


Plug-in-powered consumer electronics are generally acceptable for shipping. Yet, you must ensure the product does not contain lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries as those are restricted from individuals tendering in shipments to the carriers. Sometimes, the carrier retail location may have specialized packaging for purchase that will allow the shipping of one or two electronic devices that contain lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries within the equipment.

Gambling Materials & Items

Products used in the gambling and betting industry are not acceptable for export through our service.

For the whole list, please check out the Restricted & Prohibited Items page to see if any of your items qualify.

Restricted Items for Guatemala

Some products can be exported, but you must ensure the destination country will allow the import of the same. The following commodities are prohibited in Guatemala:

  • Acids
  • Batteries
  • Bio products
  • Cosmetics
  • Flammables
  • Gases
  • Liquids
  • Magnetized materials
  • Oxidizers
  • Paints
  • Perfume
  • Poisons (toxics)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Toiletries

These lists might be subject to change, so always double-check closer to your send-off time before shipping.

Tracking your Package

Once you drop off your package, you will receive a tracking number. Go to Track Your Package on PackageHopper. Select the carrier you chose and type in your tracking number. You’ll see where your package is at the moment. It’s a good idea to share the tracking number with the receiver of your package so that they are up to date with the time of arrival.

How Easy Is It to Ship With PackageHopper?

The answer is: incredibly easy! We will now break down what we talked about above:

  1. Have your precious package packed and ready in a new shipping box
  2. Go to our website, enter your zip code, package weight (height, too, is required for bigger packages) and destination country

  3. Pay for shipping

  4. Print the labels and customs form provided with your order (you’ll be needing a printer, or someone who has one, for this)

  5. Just drop off the package with your carrier of choice

Good luck with your process and have a high-quality shipping experience!


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