Sending Love Across Borders: Grandparents Day Care Packages

September 10th marks a special day to honor the love, wisdom, and joy that our grandparents bring into our lives. While distance might separate us physically, our hearts can always bridge the gap. Why not celebrate National Grandparents Day by sending a heartwarming care package to your beloved grandparents overseas? And the best part? You can do it easily and affordably with the help of PackageHopper!

Choose Thoughtful Contents

Begin by selecting items that will bring a smile to your grandparents' faces. Think about their preferences, hobbies, and needs. Consider including a mix of personal touches, such as:

  • Handwritten letters: Share your feelings and memories to make them feel closer.
  • Photos: Remind them of cherished moments you've shared.
  • Snacks: Include their favorite treats or snacks from your local area.
  • Books or magazines: Find reading materials they'll enjoy.
  • Comfort items: Think cozy socks, blankets, or scented candles.

Be sure to review our Restricted & Prohibited List to ensure we can send your items overseas!

Pack with Care

Proper packaging ensures that your items arrive safely and in the best condition. Here's how to pack effectively:

  • Use a sturdy box: Choose a box that's appropriate for the contents and size of your care package.
  • Bubble wrap and padding: Protect fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or cushioning materials.
  • Secure items: Prevent shifting by using newspaper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces.
  • Seal well: Use strong packaging tape to seal the box securely.

Please note, do not gift wrap your items, as our PackageHopper team will need to review the contents of each package to prepare them for international shipping. 

Weigh and Measure Your Package

Before submitting your shipment with PackageHopper, you'll need your package's accurate weight and dimensions. Use a kitchen scale for weight and a tape measure for dimensions. Ensure the measurements are in inches and pounds for accurate quotes.

Compare Shipping Options

PackageHopper offers various shipping options, so you can find the one that suits your needs and budget. Take into account factors like delivery speed, tracking options, and insurance. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to compare rates from different carriers to find the best deal.

Select Your Shipping Option & Provide Required Information

Once you've chosen the shipping option that works for you, fill in the required information, including sender and recipient details, package dimensions, and weight. We'll need accurate information to ensure your items and exportation documentation is correct.

Print Labels and Documentation

PackageHopper will provide shipping labels and any necessary documentation directly to you. Print these out and affix the labels securely to your package. Keep a copy of the documentation for your records.

Drop-off Your Package

You can drop off your package at a designated drop-off location. Your package will be sent to our PackgeHopper facility, where our team of experts will:

  • Verify the contents within your package are correct, undamaged, and can be exported to the destination country.
  • Ensure the package is properly packaged and labeled for international shipment.
  • Complete all necessary export documentation.
  • Ship your package via your selected international courier.
  • And provide door-to-door tracking information. 

Track Your Shipment

PackageHopper provides tracking options to monitor your package's journey across the miles. This way, you'll know when it arrives at the PackageHopper facility, when its leaves, and when it arrives safely at its destination.

Coordinate with Grandparents

Let your grandparents know to expect a special surprise, but keep the contents a secret for an added element of excitement.

Use PackageHopper to Spread Joy Today!

Your carefully curated care package is on its way to making your grandparents' day unforgettable. The joy you'll bring with your thoughtful gesture is immeasurable, and the love will shine across the miles.

This National Grandparents Day, celebrate the connections that transcend borders. With PackageHopper's easy shipping solutions, you can send your love, gratitude, and warm wishes to your grandparents, no matter how far away they are.