Six Heartwarming Gifts for National Sons and Daughters Day

They are our whole world and our eyes are on them 24/7 when they are young and dependent. But children grow up and change so fast, and we are often so caught up in everyday problems that we forget to celebrate them and all their achievements—no matter how big or small—as they develop into promising young adults.

The tradition of celebrating your sons and daughters on August 11th dates back from 1930s Missouri. Evidently, it all began with an innocent question from a boy who wanted to know why Mother’s and Father’s Day existed, but there was not a special day for him as a child apart from his birthday. What started as a simple “put a flower in a nice vase and place it somewhere visible” as a way to celebrate your child, turned into an international holiday.

Regardless if this is your first time hearing about the holiday and sending your son and/or daughter a something to celebrate sounds like a swell idea—or even if you’re just here with the purpose of looking for gift ideas, we have a few suggestions that might help.

Whether they’re across the United States or living in a whole different country, PackageHopper helps you stay connected for moments like these. Pack up a gift box with personal mementos and add in a few fun things that’ll say “I love you” even if you’re not physically near.

1. A Lovely Vintage Journal

 Brown leather journal with embossed text including “To my Daughter” and elastic strap closure

Your child’s journey begins on the day they were born, and you are always a part of it while they are younger. As they grow older and become their own people, we spend less time together and create fewer memories.

We really like this gorgeous vintage leather journal for your daughter for this reason! It’s the perfect gift, especially if you live apart.  Its leather cover makes it look soft and nostalgic, and nothing says “You are loved” more than a note from a parent. She’ll love journaling, writing poetry, or creating daily plans in this lovely piece, and she’ll always have you on her mind while doing so.

2. A Board Game for the Sharp Thinkers

Cluedo Classic Mystery Board Game

A great way to stay connected is by sending them a board game they love and have fond memories playing with you! This is a great gift for them to play with the new friends they’ve made abroad and make new memories, or with the family via Zoom, FaceTime, or any other video call app.

Cluedo is a very popular mystery board game based on the 1985 classic “Clue” (and 1976’s “Murder by Death”) can be fun for the whole family. No matter the age, everyone wants to solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes. 

3. Engraved Watch

Fossil men’s Neutra Chronograph Amber Leather Watch with dark grey dial and women’s rose gold Carlie Three-hand Stainless Steel Watch

A watch is a timeless gift that never goes out of style and will be of use to your sons and/or daughters for a long time. Watches have been passed on from generation to generation as one of the most sentimental pieces of a family’s history. It isn’t only a fashion piece or an addition to one’s outfit. It’s a statement. And with a personalized engraving, you can send them a lovely message so they’ll think of you each time they wear their watch.

This Neutra Chronograph Amber Leather Watch from Fossil is a must-have, available in 12 colors and with free engraving. We also recommend the Carlie Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch in rose gold. Its softness and simplicity will fit into any woman’s style effortlessly.

4. Framed prints for their walls

Black and white collage of three photos with personalized text from Canvaschamp

image alt: Black and white collage of three photos with personalized text from Canvaschamp

Photographs are a great way to share memories A photograph has the power to take you back to a specific moment where you can see, feel and smell the surroundings prior to it being taken.  While we now store all our photos in our phone’s camera roll, it’s always nice to have a physical copy of these memories!

One of our favorite ways to send photos is with Canvaschamp’s Framed Prints, with 22 types of frames and the option to make a collage or add text.

5. Personalized Mugs for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Shutterfly Gallery of Five Color Changing Mug with black handle

A personalized mug is always a go-to gift that can easily keep parent and child connected, especially when studying abroad. Nothing can cure a Monday morning better than a strong cup of coffee with a silly or encouraging photo/message from a parent figure. One sip from this mug is enough to make the school day bearable and the world a slightly better place. 

Our favorite is this Gallery of Five Color Changing Mug from Shutterfly that has enough room for a few different photos and a message or two. 

6. A Handwritten Card Always Does the Trick

Personalized wooden card with handwritten message

Oftentimes, small, unexpected gestures or items from loved ones are more memorable and we love the idea of a handwritten card. With that personal touch of your writing on a neat card, they will definitely feel that much closer to you, even if they are physically far away! 

For a very unique card that they might even want to display, try out this Set of Personalized Wooden Cards to write all about how much you appreciate and miss them. Wooden cards will definitely endure multiple re-reads.

At PackageHopper we want to help you feel closer to your children on National Sons and Daughters Day, regardless of how far away they are in the world. PackageHopper will make sending off this special care package affordable, simple, and to over 210 countries around the world. Pack your shipment and let us be a small part of your memory-making experience.


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