Successful Small Businesses Shipping Worldwide

Are you interested in starting your business? Have you been considering starting an Instagram boutique and let the world see the wonderful things you make? Luckily, nowadays it’s very easy to start a business and you can show your talent to everyone. Whether you are into collecting vintage clothing, making jewelry, designing fashion clothes, or you are a designer, artist, or illustrator, you can share your art with the world.

Throughout recent years, social media has become a place where many people have started their businesses and have immensely succeeded. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms where everyone can create their own little store and start small but with good marketing strategies and business plans, there is a high chance to succeed.

Reaching out to the world and making your products or art available to a bigger market is a crucial step. Statistically, the online stores that have a worldwide delivery option are more successful. But worldwide shipping brings its own caveats and need for knowledge in the field. You’ll need a reliable, fast, and affordable companion. That’s where PackageHopper enters the scene.

Because of our courier partnerships, when you ship from the United States with PackageHopper, you can be assured that your valuable products will arrive quickly and reliably in another country. 

Today as PackageHopper, we want to inspire you with some Instagram stores that have become popular and successful worldwide. They offer unique and great products and have the vision to contribute to the world. But one of the reasons why they’ve become so favored is the fact that they all have expanded to international shipping. Check them out and get inspired with new ideas for your store, where all your dreams will come true.

Bees Knees Industries

Cate is a Portland-based illustrator and artist. Unlike the other brands, she aims to present her art to the world through her Instagram artist page Bees Knees Industries. Apart from artwork, you can shop stickers, craft supplies, greeting cards, enamel pins, T-Shirts, and a lot more. Her work is inspired by animals, books, dreams, nature, and a healthy splash of magic. In her art, she strives to create the sense of wonder and whimsy that resides in her imagination. She loves to work in a variety of media, from embroidery to watercolor to digital, to create fun illustrations and products and we love seeing the new artworks she shares!

Goodshop Badshop

Goodshop Badshop was founded in 2019 by Lilly Andrew. As Creative Director, she hand-picks each vintage piece with a focus on natural and ecological textiles (such as silk, cotton, and linen). Her mission is to utilize packaging that is 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

The website's future multimedia platform will highlight the most inspiring personalities in sustainable business, the arts, music, cinema, and literature who are causing positive shifts in perspective as part of this objective. Her next step is collaborating with like-minded women-run small businesses.

Lirika Matoshi

After coming to New York City at the age of 20, Lirika Matoshi established her collection of handcrafted accessories. The Kosovo native started off making choker necklaces on Etsy before acquiring a following on Instagram for her hand-embellished tights, sparkly skirts and stockings, and elaborate crystal-covered shirts.

Lirika Matoshi, now based in New York City, has expanded to encompass a wide range of clothes and accessories. In the summer of 2018, the brand held a successful pop-up, and its showroom features all of the business's current items. The Lirika Matoshi brand is presently run entirely by women, with offices in New York City and a factory in Kosovo that Lirika and her sisters built from the ground up.


The union of ethics and aesthetics gave birth to SVNR. The company combines a collector's passion for fashion and its magical transforming potential with a dedication to sustainable production methods and conscientious consumerism. SVNR jewelry is crafted from found, re-used, up-cycled, and natural materials, and each item is handmade to reference a certain time and location in the collective human consciousness.

Souvenir is a French word that means "to remember," and it comes from the Latin subvenīre, which means "to come to mind." Over time, the phrase developed to mean a physical memory of a journey or destination in English, a tiny bit of the traveled experience that could be brought home and would always take the possessor back to its origin.


Sororité (French for "sisterhood") is the result of a group of sisters and their mother's longtime passion for luxury, antique, and restored clothing. Each item in their shop is hand-picked or modified by us, guaranteeing that only the highest-quality items are added to your collection.

Sororité is committed to environmental stewardship, and all orders are shipped in environmentally friendly packaging throughout the world.

Cry Baby

CryBaby was founded in 2018 with the desire to connect to people on a deeper level. Since then it has evolved into a well-known brand featuring a unique style celebrating the fashion trends of the 80s and 90s. The brand’s motto “it’s okay to cry” welcomes showing emotion as a way of showing that you care. The brand assures its customers that sometimes it’s okay to be a CryBaby, and embracing our imperfections is what will make us a community of like-minded people supporting each other.

In the big internet ocean, there is a place for everyone with ambitions and a clear vision. We hope that we inspired you at least a little bit with stories of these successful young entrepreneurs and artists. If you put your heart into the work you are doing, people would feel it—and buy it. And PackageHopper will be here to connect your customers with your creations.


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