Renew the Spark in Your Long Distance Relationship

Couples, especially those who are in long distance relationships, went through a very tough period last year. Statistics show that the search for “how to keep the romance alive in LDR” bombarded search engines between April and September 2020.

In this article, we’ll give you a few care package ideas that can be the second best thing—besides your physical presence—for your partner to feel closer to you when you’re apart.

Their Favorite Personal Care Products

Everyone has preferences when it comes to items for personal care. Show you’re a good listener and observer by buying your partner’s favorite products for them.

Hair care and styling products are always a good idea. This package can consist of a shampoo suitable for your partner’s hair type, hair mask that smells fresh (or the one they use regularly), hair drops for growth and/or shiny hair, and a hairspray for heat protection.

This option is great for both sexes and it can be made even richer by adding beard oil and styling gel for your male partner.

Alternatively, you can send them something that you use often so they can smell your scent when they miss you. Add a sweet love note and they will be thinking about you all day.

Snack Care Packages

Nurture your beloved with their favorite, wholesome US snacks. Snack boxes make for a perfect care package because (1) we need food to survive and (2) everyone finds comfort in food, especially if it comes with a message that shows love and appreciation.

There is no wrongdoing with snack boxes. They can be salty, sugary, high on carbs, healthy, or mixed, depending on your long-distance partner’s preferences.

We recommend this Original Snackbox Care Package with 40 mixed products that are guaranteed to satisfy any cravings. This package has everything from Cup Noodles to M&Ms to popcorn. Of course, you can find more ideas online and make your own package, and we’ll be happy to ship it to your loved one.

Their Favorite Perfume and a Love Note

There is the saying that “The best things come in small packages”, and very few things hold the power to bring back memories like a perfume can. Even a faint familiar breeze is capable of triggering an avalanche of emotions.

If you remember the name of your partner’s favorite perfume, go to the perfumery and buy it. Write a heartfelt note or better yet - an old-fashioned love letter and spray it with your own perfume. This powerful reminder will be beneficial to both parties and will trigger the desire to see each other as soon as you can.

For those unsure of their partner’s perfume preferences, you can always ask them or choose their new favorite perfume for them. They will be delighted to find out what smell reminds you of them.

A Clothing Item You’ve Worn

Our style shows who we are and makes us unique and recognizable, so a clothing item can feel like a hug from our favorite person. If you are in a long distance relationship and your partner has a favorite piece of clothing that you wore on a special occasion or if they won’t stop mentioning how your sweatshirt kept them warm, now is the right time to pack that item and ship it with us. We’ll make sure to handle it with the care it deserves.

Mix It All Together

Making a mixed care package for your loved one from scratch can be easy when you know what they like. For this, you’ll need a big, strong box, a few of your partner’s favorite snacks and candies, maybe a scented candle like the ones in your apartment, a few candid photos of the two of you, face masks from the new US brand that they want to try out, a special edition of their favorite book, etc. The options are truly endless.

Add a card, print your shipping labels, and drop it off for our carriers to take it to the love of your love overseas. We guarantee they’ll be delighted to receive a surprise package of this kind.


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