Turn Your Crafts and Hobbies Into DIY Gifts

Some are born naturally gifted while others have to work a little harder to achieve good results, but the truth is that anyone can make amazing DIY gifts for their loved ones with the right tools and tutorials. Handmade gifts are highly liked and appreciated by those that receive them as they show that you’ve spent time thinking through the design and taking into consideration the person’s favorite colors, shapes, animals, hobbies, etc.

So whether you’re making a gift for someone nearby, or shipping to your grandma in Greece, here are some great ideas of items you can really show your heart in.

Knitted/Crocheted Items

Knitting is a great hobby to have and it’s one of people’s top choices because it’s relaxing and exciting at the same time as you get to learn how to create different patterns. It’s always interesting to see how far our own two hands and imagination can take us.

Knitted items are very fashionable nowadays, so a knitted top, sweater or gloves are great gift ideas for your loved ones. Each item can be personalized to perfection – just find yarn in the person’s favorite color, pick a pattern and get creative. What’s even better, you can easily recreate expensive clothing items and add a little of your own touch.

Picture Perfect Paintings

The artistic souls that like to pour their creativity and talent on canvas can never go wrong with giving a piece of their ingenious mind to others. Paintings are great gifts overall, especially for birthdays, anniversaries, moving into a new house, etc. Depending on your tools and style, as well as the receiver’s taste, you can choose to paint a portrait, or landscape, recreate a famous painting, or make something totally abstract. Abstract watercolor paintings are great for moving into a new place, and portraits make for better birthday or anniversary gifts.

Be sure to check out our post about packing fragile items to protect your special one-of-a-kind artwork during shipping!

Custom Jewelry

Some jewelry items are timeless and often passed down in families for generations due to their emotional and literal value. Anything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces can be of great value if it’s made of quality material and by masterful hands.

Any DIY jewelry item can be customized to meet the recipient’s criteria and style, and a gift of this sort will leave the person with a constant reminder of you whenever they look at it.

The choice of materials is entirely up to you. Leather, pearls, beads, stones, feathers, copper wires, threads and rubber bands are just a few items that crafters use a lot. Be it classy pearl earrings or an edgy protection bracelet, the person receiving the gift will be thrilled to receive and wear your unique, handmade gift.

Seashell or Rock Art

For those who are avid seashell and/or rock collectors, turning a DIY hobby into a gift, or even a business, can be a very fun task. Seashells and rocks come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, thus they can easily blend in with any style. They can also be bought in bulks online and at very affordable prices, so you can stack up a ton of them and create something unique – a figure, meditation or hot-stone-therapy stones, draw some landscape on a stone or waves inside a shell, and neatly glue them together to create a big picture.

This can be a great gift from you to a friend that lives far from the ocean/sea. PackageHopper is here to help you connect, and we’ll be delighted to ship it for you!


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