Vacation Like a Pro, Send Items Ahead of Your Trip

Do you love to travel? You get to see new places and meet new people—even missing home is precious for we learn to cherish our home more.

Most people travel for a vacation or a business meeting, conference, workshop. Because of this, hotel rooms may become like second homes to us. But traveling can also be stressful! Questions like “Did I forget anything?” or “How will I carry all these things across the world” are frequently pondered by travelers every day.

A great option, especially for long-term stays, is to pack up a box of necessities before your journey and send it to the hotel room you’ll be staying. When you get off that tiring flight, restless and ready for a nap, you can rest easy knowing you have everything already there waiting for you.

Here at PackageHopper, we are excited to be able to help weary and energetic travelers get everything they need when they’re a long way from home! Before you send off your toothbrush and memory foam pillow, look through our guide here to make sure your travel abroad essentials will arrive to your hotel correctly and stress-free.

Join us and receive an upfront shipping rate from the best courier options (we’ve negotiated the best rates for PackageHopper customers!) and let us make this a seamless experience for you.

Does Your Hotel Accept Packages?

Many hotels accept packages but not all of them! The first thing you need to do is make sure that your hotel will be able to receive packages on your behalf. Most luxury hotels have a great system of accepting mail and packages, but we highly recommend that you check with them first. There’s no worse feeling than shipping off your favorite shampoo and conditioner only to realize it’s on its way back to you right before you head to the airport!

Usually, all the hotels have this kind of information available on their websites, but if you can’t find anything try emailing them or calling them. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can have all your inquiries about how to retrieve your shipment etc. answered at reception.

It’s also a good idea to inform your hotel that you’re expecting a delivery. This will help the hotel employees identify your package as safe and eliminate any risks of treating it as a threatening unknown and unsafe shipment.

How Should I Prepare My Package Correctly?

Your package will travel a long way to meet you in your hotel room. Make sure that you pack it well. Use a firm box and ensure that it is correctly filled with your items and securely sealed with box tape.

Don’t forget, your package will face a lot of bumps and jumps so make sure you don’t have items that can easily break. Separate and place any liquids into individual plastic bags in case of spillage from handling or air pressure during its trip. If you have more delicate items, make sure you properly pad each to prevent them hitting each other inside your box.

It’d be a good idea to use a FRAGILE sticker on the sides of your box to notify the delivery service to be gentler with your package too.

Should I Add Insurance?

Adding insurance on your package may seem unnecessary to some, but it may ensure that your package is not only secured throughout transportation, but also that if it is lost or stolen during transit, you will be compensated to avoid financial loss. This way if you lose a travel essential, you can quickly replace the item and get on with your trip!

We offer PackageHopper Protect, which covers your package if it is lost or stolen, up to the time of delivery. Optional PackageHopper Protect coverage can be selected when you create your shipment, for $4.99 per $100 of merchandise value, up to $500. If your package is lost or stolen before delivery, you can file a claim for the value of the package contents.

With all the logistics out of the way, hopefully you’ll be more comfortable on your trip now! With all this prepared before your trip even starts, you won’t have to stress over all the different airline or customs packing restrictions—everything but your carry-on items are waiting for you at your destination.

Just remember to make your list, pack your necessities, get your PackageHopper rates and labels, and hand it off before your flight.


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